A Child's Poem

Many things can wait.

The child cannot.

Now is the time.

His bones are being formed,

His blood is being made,

His mind is being developed.

To him, we cannot say tomorrow.

His name is today.

- Gabriella Mistral


Greetings from Solisports,


We are an educational basketball and elite athlete training service company for youths ages 5-18, with a goal to offer boys and girls the opportunity to improve their basketball game, their athletic performance, and fitness.


It is our mission to provide an educational athletic environment that enhances youths athletic performance; teaching by training young athletes with the same methods and principles elite athletes receive.

Solisports' Dream Arena Basketball Camps

Registration is now open.

Total of 10 camps for the Summer

2 Advantage Basketball Camps

and 8 Solisports Performance Basketball Camps!!

Solisports Basketball Camps 2013